Scalca – is the innovation compact and simple in using filmmaking tools. It’s high technology engineering solutions and qualitative materials.

In our own production are taking into account our long-term experience. We are sure that technical equipment not only must yield favorable results for a work with the main its purposes, but it mast save your time and power. We are really happy because our hobby has become our work. Every day we do what we like, we do it with love. The main purpose of our work is enjoyment. It is customers enjoyment from using our products.

We make much of feedback and take a try to stay in touch with our clients. This way leads to improvement of product quality and service quality increase. Let’s form estimate the efficient and benefit of the work with SCALCA Team.

For questions related to the quality of the site, with the quality of service and delivery of goods, the return of payment, please contact:

Fekla Sokolova - Co-founder, quality control


Max Ovsyannikof

Co-Founder / Solidworks engineer

He always has been interested in engineering. Firstly, it was experience with copters and then he has started to improve his knowledge and engineering skills in other filmmaking tools. He has working with this sphere in big innovation engineering corporation for a long time. He has really great experience in designing.And then after the leaving his job, Max has started the own production. Now days he has great experience in stabilizers engineering, which he applies in SCALCA for making good useful equipment.

Dimitriy Ustyuzhanin

Co-Founder / SolidCam / CNC- engineer

He is responsible for manufacturing, CNC machine working and material supply. He has high IT-education. His experience and skills allow him to keep our production in necessary soft, CNC-codes and materials in time. in spite of him education he always was interested in engineering and high-tech equipment, especially in electronic devises for filmmaking production. He has started to make filmmaking equipment four years ago with first drones. This interest has become SCALCA point of departure.

Max Chiaka


About the same people someone can say that he has gold hands. He has great experience in engineering, because of his log time job in vehicle manufacturing industry. Max is responsible for manufacturing and assembly of equipment. He checks the quality of manufactured details and make finishing work. He assembles the SCALCA tools and prepares it to shipping to clients.