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Powerful Skyder cablecam is a professional series of equipment.

Our team has been shooting during 10 years using a cablecam and has been manufacturing this equipment during more than 5 years. The time has come and we used all our experience to create a new unique device.

The mechanical device is unlike the others, it has high power with compact dimensions thanks to the new arrangement of trolley drive pulleys from Scalca. Two drive pulleys instead of one. This is an all-wheel drive baby!


The device is equally balanced on both sides, the engine does not stick out, the body is symmetrical. The case and mechanisms are designed so that everything is inside.


The device has a brushless powerful motor located inside the body. Using of a modern motor allows the device moving very fast and very slow from 10in/ph to 31m/ph (25cm/ph to 50k/ph). Slider turns into a rocket instantly.


The control board has a powerful modern processor and all necessary sensors. The wide range of settings will help you at your work. The control board was designed especially for the Skyder cable car.


Unique software allows trolley to movу fast and slow down with smooth accelerations. You can adjust the degree of acceleration depending on your tasks. Even in manual mode, you can use acceleration control. To calculate the movements, the system uses two rotation sensors, as well as a gyroscope and an accelerometer.

The software is constantly updated, we take into account your wishes and comments. The hardware capabilities of the control board are very large. In the future we will expand the functionality of the cablecam system.


Manual or automatic mode - the choice is yours!

Use a conventional remote control or Skalka smart controller to control and configure the cable car. All settings of power, speed, acceleration, as well as programming of automatic movement are available for you. You can create movement scenarios or point-to-point mode. Just use your imagination.

The control board supports connection to PC for programming tasks and user settings. You can track telemetry and cable system parameters through a PC.


Set limit points in front of the rope edges and the trolley will automatically stop carefully in front of these points. This feature will help you to focus on shooting and not worry about safety. The function of smart stop reduces the speed of trolley moving gradually and in advance before the limit point.

Physical safety-modules are optionally available. This is an additional radio module that warns in advance the cable car system about the end of the rope.

Lightweight and comfortable! Pull up and hold tight. We tried to make the cablecam as ergonomic as possible. Use the folding handle to hold the trolley or suspend it by a safety rope. Safety is important! Use additional rollers for the safety rope. If shooting is carried out on people, it will be better to think about safety and reduce risks. The second line will help with this. In our practice, we tried many different batteries. The most convenient version is V-Mount batteries. They are most often used to power the camera. Quick mount is very convenient. Two batteries will allow you to make a replacement without turning off the device, replace first battery, and then the second.


When the rope is pulled at necessary.angle, the gimbal should hang upright. To do this, Skyder uses a special hinge. The hinge aligns the gimbal on its own, it does not need to be adjusted.

The compensator extinguishes the breakthrough during a sharp start and does not allow swaying. Adjust the compensator according to the payload.

It is very important to use a vibration damper on the cablecam. It can happens that the vibration of the rope is transmitted to the camera because of the wind or other reasons. We installed a clampro that worked well with our equipment.


Use the best tools for your work. Modern technology makes you the first. Cablecam Sackyder is a new technology that does not repeat others. Big carts are no more needed.

Any operating modes:

  • Manual mode
  • Automatic mode
  • Timelapse
  • Programmable movement

Duplicated safety systems will help you not to worry and take great shots. Fine setting will make your work easy.

Compact size and high power are in your hands. The cablecam is placed in a hard-plastic case.

  • Trolley cablecam
  • Remote control
  • Calm-pro anti-vibration damper
  • Tilt joint with compensator
  • MoVI mount
  • Ronin 2 bottom plate
  • Set of tools
  • Weight: 9 lb (4kg)

  • Dimensionst: 17x8x4,3in (440x200x110mm)

  • Speed: 14mph (50kph)

  • Payload: 66ib (30kg)

  • Control: Remote

  • Range of management: 0.6ml (1km)

  • The manufacturer reserves the right to not significantly change the appearance and technical characteristics of the device.