SCALCA Leveler

by John Doe

We would like to introduce your consideration new solution – SCALCA Leveler. It is perfect alternative to classic auto grips.

This system includes 8 powerful magnets with silicon pads, which save your car from scratches and chips and which doesn’t allow to slide by the car surface. Articulated and lever construction with ARRI rosset type connection allow to install camera on the any car surface, such as hood, trunk, car top or splash board.

Central part of grip, which oriented of 100 mm bowl head, allow to install camera correct to 1 о. For the camera gripping on the SCALCA Leveler you can use any quick detachable plate, such as RED , ARRI, Manfrotto, WoodenCamera , E-Image etc. In comparison with traditional auto grip, SCALCA Leveler has a lot of advantages:

  • Installation during a minute for the simple setups or for 10 – 15 minutes for difficult places;
  • Modular construction allow using levers and magnets depending on targets. It allows gripping several magnets to the one hand, changing auto grip geometry and gripping power in the certain connected point with car surface;
  • Standard SCALCA Leveler set weighs 10 kg and is incased to the small transportation case;
  • 8 magnets pulling force is 450 kg;
  • Silicon pads save your car from chips and scratches;

SCALCA Leveler is a great package for the simple and quick gripping camera on the shooting car.


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