Scalca – filmmaking tools VIBRATION ISOLATOR DAMPER “CALM PRO”



  • Top mount
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    Bottom mount for DJI RONIN
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    Bottom mount for FreeFly Movi
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Product Description

Easily customizable anti-vibration damper for 3-30KG payload. You can mount it on the rig, cablecam, multicopter and more.

The wire rope isolators (WRI) represent efficient solutions for vibration and shock attenuation which can appear in equipment and installations exploitation.

Vibration isolator is defined as a resilient material placed between the equipment and the structure to create a low natural frequency support system for the equipment. Wire ropes are isolators made up of helical, stranded-wire rope held with metal retaining bars. This design provides excellent shock and vibration isolation in a multiple range of applications. The large dynamic displacement attenuates vibration, while the inherent damping provided by the sliding friction between the strands of the wire rope minimize post-shock noise and lower resonant peaks.
A wire-rope isolator consists of a unique twisted stainless steel cable wound on drilled bars in aluminum alloy. The peculiar characteristics of these isolators are 1) high deformability in both the longitudinal (Shear) and transversal (Roll) horizontal directions and in the vertical direction (Tension-Compression), 2) a significant dissipation capability due to the sliding friction between the intertwined cables.
Properly isolated equipment is designed to transmit negligible vibratory force and prevent the equipment from being considered a problem source. To be assured of proper isolation, it is necessary to apply the well established principles of vibration control.
We took care about affective vibration isolation system and created our equipment based on principles of vibration control. We think that wire rope isolators are the best technical solution for quality work of filmmaking tools, which we produce.
Damping can significantly reduce the magnitude of the vibration and the magnitude of transmitted vibration can be reduced if the natural frequency can be shifted away from the forcing frequency by changing the stiffness or mass of the system. With little or no damping, the vibration is in phase with the forcing frequency.
Even the smoothest running equipment can produce vibration that is higher than the acceptable range for most sensitive filmmaking equipment. Fortunately, the path of the vibration can be readily cut off with a properly designed vibration isolation system. Following the basic isolation techniques we are able achieve an acceptable vibration environment. Our own produced an isolation system installed with the equipment can provide insurance against vibration-induced. Smooth picture without extraneous vibrations is our work.
Technical specs:
  • Weight 1 KG ( 2.2 lb)
  • Size 210x210x86 mm
  • 4 adjustable positions for different payload
  • Compatible with Freefly Movi and DJI Ronin gimbals



  • Top mount dovetail is fully compatible with standart DJI RONIN quick mount plates.

  • Bottom mount for DJI Ronin , Ronin-M, Ronin-MX

  • Bottom mount for FreeFly MOVI M5 , M15 , PRO

  • Combo set for DJI RONIN + FREEFLY MOVI gimbals ( Dovetail head + Freefly and DJI Ronin adapters)