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Scalca SPRUT – multipurpose modular magnetic car grip for DJI RONIN / MOVI and other stabilizers. By virtue of modular construction, you can install car grip on the any type of spun surface.

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Product Description

Scalca SPRUT – multipurpose modular magnetic car grip for DJI RONIN / MOVI and other stabilizers. By virtue of modular construction, you can install car grip on the any type of spun surface.


Powerful SCALCA SPRUT magnets allow you to mount your grip fast and easy. Magnets power is 1000lbs (SPRUT 8kit) and 500lbs (SPRUT 4kit). It is very strong gripping, which necessary for work with expensive filmmaking equipment. SCALCA SPRUT mounting system is made as eight plates (for SPRUT 8 kit) or four plates (for SPRUT 4 kit). These plates are made of strong aircraft aluminum. Each plate include building in six magnets with diameter 25 mm. Magnets disposition in plate are apportion the pad force and keep SCALCA SPRUT in mounting with metal car surface proportionally. It is worth noting that high rate of equipment setup is derived from Magnet gripping system. Thanks to the same high gripping power, it has become possible to mount SCALCA SPRUT on the dusty and dirty car surface. Magnets long lifetime spares you from necessity to care about its changing and SCALCA SPRUT servicing.


Our SCALCA SPRUT has Modular System, which allows gripping SPRUT on the any metal curved surfaces. What is SCALCA SPRUT Modular System? It is system of connected universal arms, which can be held one by one according to your wishes. It is become possible by applying connection joint, which are presented by  SCALCA “female connectors” . Standard set SCALCA SPRUT 8 kit include 150mm long arms and 110mm shot arms. It is enough for variation. Of course if have so more wishes and this set too small for realization, you always can buy supplements for your standard kit. With supplements you increase the gripping power and SCALCA SPRUT have become saver for shooting. Your choice have to depend on what power you need and what configuration you wish only.

Our SCALCA SPRUT has Protective Silicone Pads, which are oriented to save your car from scratching, chipping and other car surface damages. Specially designed Protective Silicone Pads do not reduce the SCALCA SPRUT gripping power with car surface thanks to its optimized bottom thickness. These Protective pads are produced on our own production with qualitative silicon.


One more advantage of our SCALCA SPRUT consists in its transport simplicity. Thanks to the same SCALCA SPRUT Modular System, our product are placed in small case . It greatly makes transportation and storage simpler. We know how important product small size for filmmakers because they deal with a large number of not so compact equipment. SCALCA SPRUT doesn’t take much space. Convenient case simplify the transportation and make the possibility to take SCALCA SPRUT as hand-luggage to aircraft.


Thanks to the Modular System and the Magnet system SCALCA SPRUT is very simple in installation. Its set up on the car takes to you not more than 5 minutes. We know how important the filmmaking tools installation rate, especially in limited time conditions. For example, it may be shot daylight hours conditions. When the time is limited everyone want u spend it efficiently at most. In our case, the main purpose is qualitative shooting material. SCALCA SPRUT allow cutting down installation time in favor of shooting process time. You will set up your SPRUT easy and quickly such as you wish.


Unique Vibration Isolation System is presented by rope damper, which is capable of leveling down outcome of moving on the uneven road. Damper system is designed for car moving on the uneven road. It is used ropes with thickness 6 mm. it is optimal value, which was calculated and checked by tests.


Flexibility of our SCALCA SPRUT is involves in possibility using it with different electronic stabilizers such as DJI RONIN, MOVI and other. We have designed special adapters every single of these devices. Also SCALCA SPRUT can be mount on any vehicle with metal body. There are only two using boundary conditions such as filmmaking vehicle speed, which must not exceed 200 km/h, and max weight of filmmaking equipment (not more than 35 kg). Nevertheless, these two boundary conditions are in normal range of filmmaking conditions.

Additional Information

Scalca Sprut KIT

8 KIT (2000 USD), 4 KIT (1500 USD)


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